I couldn't have been more excited to help animate this awesome project with the amazing people at Buck! 

Executive Creative Director Ryan Honey
Managing Executive Producer Maurie Enochson
Executive Producer Emily Rickard
Creative Director Jenny Ko
Producer Sunny Sattari
Animation Director Nick Petley, Peter Kallstrom
VFX Supervisor Marc Steinberg
Art Director Mark Kulakoff
Design Jigyu Yoon, Audrey Yeo, Cecilia Chang Lee, Mark Kulakoff, Jerry Suh, Jenny Ko, Carlos Enciso, Gunnar Patterson
Animation Fabian Molina, Taylor Griggs, Nick Petley, Jeni Wamberg, Peter Kallstrom, Vincent Tsui, Stephen Loveluck, Debora Cruchon, Junyi Xiao, Kyle Strope, Louis Weslowsky, Ken Pelletier, Scott Jonsson
Editor Billy Kostka
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